Helping Men and Women Dress for Success

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Looking for something to wear for an interview or award ceremony? Let us help dress you for success! Dress for success tips. Ellen's Closet has professional, business attire for men & women at no cost.


Ellen's closet also accepts gently worn business clothing and accessories. They do not accept shoes or undergarments.

A donation to Mott Community College in memory of Dr. Ellen Howe established Ellen's Closet in early 2000. Since then contributions of men's and women's suits, jackets, shirts, and blouses stock the collection with attire suitable for the work place.

Institutional support from the Student Life Center and The Mott Foundation keep all transactions free of charge.  Each garment and its exchange passes on a bit of encouragement in honor of Dr. Howe and her dedication to the College, its students and the mission of education.

Dressing for Success Tips

Dress for the office: A wardrobe for business need not consist of expensive garments nor bulge your closet with lots of clothes. Coordinated choices make up for quantity.

Add it up: (2 suits + 2 extra skirts or trouser) + 5 tops >= 30 outfits

Window Shop at any three stores. Do not buy anything – just look. Think of the colors you want and versatility of the clothes. Will a new garment coordinate with something else in your closet? Return when you have a cash for a purchase.

Casual Friday (or dress-down day) means no tie, or slacks without a jacket (not sloppy, hole-in-the jeans day). Always err toward a professional look.

NEVER (no, not ever):

  • No Tennis shoes
  • No worn-out jeans
  • No sandals
  • No t-shirts, tank tops, shorts
  • Absolutely no baggy pants
  • No below-waist cut pants (they ride low around the waistline and expose parts of a behind no one should see!)

Professional Image and attitude announce to the market – to the business world – that talent just knocked on the door. In the real world, the most qualified or talented may very well miss out on opportunity. The savvy adept applicant realizes the importance of a managed presentation.